How to have a stress free Life

How to Have a stress free life

It is very important to have a life without stress in other words “stress free life” . It not only helps in a healthy life but also a successful life itself. Stress free life helps us not only in thinking in a clear manner but improve in our intelligence and take better decisions. 

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Causes of Stress

STRESS according to medical science is caused by 3 hormones

  1. Adrenaline ,
  2. Cortisol and
  3. Norepinephrine.    

Hormones is produced by the nervous system when the brain reacts to a situation that needs a reaction or a fight.

Adrenaline causes quick action for a situation.

Norepinephrine like adrenaline almost does the same thing . It helps the body to react to a situation …to kind of situation …. sometimes the reaction is life saving or needed sometimes it is completely unnecessary at any given situation .

Cortisol on the other hand is slow to react to a situation .It is said by medical science that cortisol is life saving it balances the body fluid , blood pressure, etc. But Medical science also mentions that high level of cortisol for a long time is harmful for the body . Too much of cortisol in the blood  can suppress the immune system, increase blood pressure and sugar, decrease libido, produce acne, contribute to obesity and more. This give rise to issues that proves toxic for the body … that raises your medical bills and deadly . So it becomes absolutely necessary to have a stress free life .

Why are we stressed :

There are quite a few reasons of being stressed , but some of the very common reasons are :

1 Expectations
2 Greed
3 Satisfaction
4 Laziness
5 Over ambitious.

There are no chemicals discovered by science in allopathy medicine that can cure the above all reasons of stress.

For curing Stress one has to depend on HIGHER POWERS like God

So what are the ways to cure Stress, we have been taught from time immemorial that we will have to work hard for our sustenance but actually it is not so. If that had been the case a rickshaw puller would have been the richest person. The higher power works in everything.

Also what we do carries a reaction sometimes ” equal and opposite ” everything backfires good as well as bad.

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So Now What To Do :

Learn to depend on the higher power and if I gets in the mind that I will put in my best but I am not concerned about the outcome /result all the above problems vanish in one go . It is hard to do that because when we study hard for a exam it is tough to not expect a good rank and on not getting it …. it is also tough to not get disheartened . Life shows tides which are mostly against us  it is tough to not feel uninspired , low and out . But we need to practice and practice to always remember that nothing is in our hands  I just need to give my best  and I always need to get good Karma .

Just this simple practice every moment of our life ….. our life is bound to be happier and have a stress free life .

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Chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare and be Happy.

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