Bottle Gourd and Amaranth Dal Recipe – Krishna Bhoga


We will start cooking this vegetarian dal recipe by :

1.Wash Amaranth leaves and cut into medium size (about 1 inch) , peel wash and cut bottle gourd ( 1 inch ) , tomato cut in medium pieces.

2.Wash and soak toor / arhar dal for 1/2 hr.

3.We will need turmeric powderchopped green chillies grated ginger and salt to taste.

4.Add Dal and all the vegetables and above masala in the cooking pot or pressure cooker .

  1. Cook it till the dal and vegetables softens.

  1. Soak a lemon size tamarind in water and squeeze out the pulp.

7.After the dal and vegetables are cooked strain and add tamarind water.

8.Boil the dal and for 2mins adjusting for the consistency of the dal ( you can add water if the dal is thick)

  1. For tempering we will need whole jeera , whole saunf (fennel seeds), red chilli powder ( optional) and coriander powder.

10.Heat oil in a pan . Keeping the flame low add the whole spices after they splutter add the powder spices , cook for half a min .

11.Add to the dal and mix well.

  1. Offer Krishna with love , devotion and Tulsi ??


Seva by : Hare Krishna Solutions.