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Navaratna Mala or Necklace for Men and Women (Round Beads)

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  • The colourful beads of navratna have always attracted people and even royalty. Gems are considered to be the best for strengthing the positive influences of planets. They intensify the rays of the planets they represent
  • Made of nine gems which are the different colour of jades and suitable for all
  • One can even wear navratna without showing one’s horoscope to an astrologer
  • Suitable for all age groups.this mala is fulfilled by hare krishna solutions, so be careful while placing the order
  • This mala is also a safeguard against misfortune, help ward off danger, and remove obstacles in life

Product specifications

Jewellery Information
Brand ISKCON Jagannath
Stone Navaratan
Material Semi Precious Stone
Metal Navaratan Mala

Product description

The Navratna Mala gives benefits of all the 9 planets to the user.It is advisable to wear Navaratna mala after cleaning and charging with Navagraha mantras.ThisMala is highly effective in warding off the malefic effects of all the nine planets (Navgraha). Sometimes more than one planets are adversely placed in ones horoscope or at times the correctness of the horoscope is doubtful due to non-availability of authentic data. Under such conditions, this Mala is very useful as all the stones required to pacify the malefic effects of all the nine planets are studded in this single Mala itself. Navratna is the exclusive arrangement of gems. Combination of Ruby (Sun), Pearl (Moon), Coral (Mars), Emerald (Mercury), Golden Topaz (Jupiter), Sphatik (Venus), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Gomed/Hessonite (Rahu), & Cat’s Eye (Ketu).Whether its business person, executive, working ladies, housewives, school going children, retired person, old people. But we have been used substitute of above powerful stones, we used substitute because few stones are quite powerful and not suitable for all. The ancient origin of the Nine Gems—called Navaratna in Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, Burmese, Indonesian, and Nepali, Navarathinam in Tamil, Navarathnalu in Telugu, Navarathnam in Malayalam, Navaratna in Singhalese, Nawaratna in Malay, and Nawarat or Noppharat in Thai—has proved impossible to trace. Yet such importance is given to this combination of nine gems that they are recognised as sacred and royal in almost all the countries of Asia, including, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, regardless of religious and cultural differences.[1] Recognition in Thailand In Thailand, the Navaratna is officially recognised as a national and royal symbol of the king.Best Navaratan stones mala.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer:

This product is handmade & hence it may slightly vary in color.

Product details

  • ASIN: B07J2KH117

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Navaratan Mala
Navaratan Mala
Navaratan Mala
Navaratan Mala
Navaratan Mala
Navaratan Mala
Navaratan Mala
Navaratan Mala
Navaratan Mala
Navaratan Mala
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