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Madan Gopal / Krishna/ Belpukur Madan Gopal

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Belpukur Madan Gopal

#Made of high quality marble

#painting will be exactly like Madan gopal

#price excludes shipping and packing cost.

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In Nabadwip Dhama there is a temple with a deity of Sri Madana Gopala in Belpukur. In the book Sri  Navadvipa Dhama and Jagannatha Puri – A Practical Guide, it has been mentioned that this deity of Sri Madana Gopala was established and worshiped by Nilambara Cakravarti Thakura, the father of Srimati Sacidevi. Nilambara Cakravarti is said to have moved from Srihatta (Sylhet) to this village sometime between 1475 and 1490. He came here with his wife and his daughter, Saci-devi. This village used to be right next to the Ganga, but is now about 6 km away.


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